Your gift will help us in developing the revolutionary Spay and Neuter Cookie which, once completed, will Spay-a-Stray without surgery!

Together we will win these struggles on behalf of animals!



Alex Pacheco
600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, Founder
Animal Rights Hall of Fame, Inductee
Adopt A Pet, Co-Founder
PETA, Co-Founder, Chairman (1980-2000)
Sea Shepherd, Crew Member of the Year
Peace Abbey, Courage of Conscience Award

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Please don’t forget Mr. Cookie and 600 because suffering doesn’t take a day off and neither do we — which is why we need your help!

Who’s Mr. Cookie? He’s a tiny stray we found on the street, starved and scared to death… his bone-thin body violently shaking because of the winter cold. Thank goodness Alex was able to rescue him from his life of misery.

On behalf of Mr. Cookie and others, we are engaged in life-saving work in three crucial categories:

  1. We are continuing to develop the revolutionary Spay and Neuter CookieOnce completed, the cookie will spay-a-stray without surgery!
  2. We are also fighting cruelty by fighting to shut down sadistic events like the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This is one example of our short-term life saving work which we carry out without taking away from our long-term work
  3. We are also providing EMERGENCY CARE to save suffering strays beginning with our Pilot Pups. Pilot Pups are strays we rescue. They play an important role in our Spay Food Pilot Studies, also known as clinical trials. The Pilot Pups eat one serving of a formula and then we find the pups loving homes.

Please support our efforts with a donation today. Thank you!