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Using a credit or debit card or checking account, these automatic monthly
contributions, dramatically cut costs and dramatically increase efficiency
– exactly what the animals need.

This also allows for much more of your contribution to be put to work helping animals!

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600 Million Stray Dogs Need You
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Remember the Animals in Your Will !
Planned Giving and Giving Gifts that Last Forever!
Planned Giving Options

Did you know that with the new Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the Federal government now allows those who are over age 70 ½ to rollover amounts from an IRA, up to $100,000 per year, to your favorite charity without claiming any increased income or paying any additional tax? Read on for other ways to give

Ways to Give —

Giving options provide exceptional planning strategies and flexibility and may minimize tax implications.

  • Reduce your income taxes
  • Avoid capital-gain tax
  • Increase your spendable income
  • Retain payments for life
  • Achieve no-cost, worry-free asset management

Types of Giving Include —

Gifts of Assets

The simplest way to support 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU is through cash gifts. But creative gifts of assets can include stocks, bonds, and property (real estate and personal property such as artwork). These can not only provide you with charitable deductions, but often offer additional tax savings as well.

Tangible Personal Property

Artwork, Collectibles, and Other Items As with gifts of long-term capital-gain securities or real estate, you are entitled to a charitable deduction for a gift of long-term capital-gain tangible personal property such as works of art, rare books, and stamp or coin collections, etc. (Note: The capital-gain tax rate on such assets is 28 percent.) How much you can deduct depends on the so-called standard of “related use.”

Life Insurance

An important but frequently overlooked role of life insurance is the one it can play in charitable gift planning. Life insurance itself can be the direct funding medium for a gift, permitting the donor to make a substantial gift (face value of policy) for a relatively modest annual outlay (i.e., the premium payment).

Cash, Check, or Credit Card

Gifts of cash are the most common form of contribution to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU. A gift of cash is easy to do, and the gift is not subject to gift or estate taxation. A contribution that you postmark in December is deductible for that tax year—even if 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU receives it in January—provided the account against which the check was written had sufficient funds to cover it in December.

A cash gift entitles you to a charitable deduction for the amount of your gift. You may deduct up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income for the year of your gift. If all deductible gifts in a year exceed the 50 percent limit, you may carry the excess amount over as a deduction for up to five years.


Pledges provide you an opportunity to make a larger gift than you otherwise thought possible by committing your gift over a period of three to five years. Ideally, your pledge should be documented in writing.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Other Assets

Smart gift planning combines charitable intent with cost-efficient planning techniques. Of critical importance is the kind of asset used to fund the gift. Usually, long-term appreciated property can generate the most favorable tax benefits. Reason: Gifts of such property provide a double benefit—a charitable deduction, in most cases, for the full fair-market value of the property—plus avoidance of any potential capital-gain tax.

Charitable Bequests – Gifts by Wills

Through various types of bequests for 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU, you may secure a charitable estate-tax deduction for the value of the gift. Best of all, you will know that your generosity will support 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU for years to come.

The Charitable Gift Annuity—Immediate Payment

To establish a charitable gift annuity, you make a gift to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU and in exchange receive a fixed annual dollar amount for life. The principal remaining at your death will then benefit any 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU program that you choose.

The Charitable Remainder Unitrust

The unitrust provides for annual payments to the designated beneficiary(ies) of a specified percentage—at least 5 percent of the value of the trust as it is valued each year. Since the value of trust assets may vary from year to year, the payments may also vary. At the death of the last income beneficiary, the trust principal is distributed to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU.

The Deferred-Payment Gift Annuity

This type of gift might appeal to you if you want to support 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU, you’re 40 to 60 years old, have a high income, need to benefit now from a current tax deduction, and are interested in augmenting potential retirement income.

The Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

The annuity trust provides for payment of a fixed dollar amount—annually or at more frequent intervals—to the designated one or more beneficiary.

Real Estate

The rules about giving real estate are essentially the same as for gifts of securities. Almost any type of real estate may be donated: undeveloped land, farms, commercial buildings, vacation homes, or your residence.

The Charitable Lead Trust

Transferring property to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU and individuals you wish to benefit is not always an either/or proposition. With careful planning, you may be able to arrange your transfers to accomplish more than one objective. For example, if you have assets that are appreciating, children who may want to start a business in the future, and a desire to assist 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU, you may wish to consider creating a charitable lead trust. Such an arrangement would allow you to benefit 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU—until your children are ready and able to step out on their own—while minimizing any potential transfer taxes.

Closely Held Business Stock

A business owner who contributes closely held stock to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU will be allowed a charitable deduction for the fair-market value of the stock. An additional benefit is that the donor will escape the potential capital-gain tax on any appreciation in the value of the stock.

Gifts of Retirement-Plan Benefits

You may consider using retirement-plan benefits to make a significant gift that will support 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU. And because of the estate- and income-tax treatment of retirement-plan benefits, the cost of your gift to your estate and heirs is often relatively small.

If You Would Like To:

Then Consider:

How You May Benefit:

Support 600 Million today.
Receive a charitable  income tax deduction
An outright gift of cashDeduct 100 percent of the gift value from this year’s income-tax liability
Make a larger gift to 600 Million
Avoid capital-gain tax
A gift of appreciated stockProvide increased support to 600 Million while decreasing the cost to you
Make a significant future gift without affecting your current lifestyleA charitable bequestReduce estate and death taxes, and retain control over your assets during your lifetime
Make a significant gift to 600 Million
Retain an income for yourself
A charitable gift annuityReceive a current income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction
Make a significant gift to 600 Million
Retain an income for yourself
A charitable remainder unitrustReceive a current income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction
Make a significant gift to 600 Million
Retain an income for yourself
A charitable remainder annuity trustReceive a current income stream and an immediate income-tax deduction
Receive a charitable income tax deduction now
Receive income later
A deferred-payment gift annuityReceive an immediate income-tax deduction and income to begin at a future date you choose
Leverage the equity in one of your largest assets to support 600 MillionA gift of real estateReceive an income-tax deduction and avoid capital-gain tax while retaining the option to live in your home
Use your assets to support 600 Million today
Retain control over the distribution of those assets to heirs
A charitable lead trustFreeze value of assets contributed for gift- and estate-tax purposes
Minimize taxes on the transfer of a business you own
Provide support for 600 Million
A gift of closely held business stockReceive an income-tax deduction, avoid capital-gain tax, and retain planning flexibility
Leave assets to 600 Million and your heirs upon your death but you are not sure what to leave whomNaming 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU as a beneficiary of your retirement planAvoid estate tax on retirement-plan assets while making other property available to pass to your heirs
Make use of assets you may no longer need to support 600 MillionA gift of a paid-up life insurance policyImmediate income-tax deduction for the net cash surrender value of the policy at the time of transfer
Tax Deductions

Dear Friend of Animals,

We wanted to remind everyone to please keep ’600 Million Stray Dogs Need You’ in mind when performing year-end tax planning and year-end tax contributions.
As you know, we are dedicated to ending the second largest cause of animal suffering and death in the world – animal overpopulation – and ending it in our lifetime, even though we rely entirely on donations.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to secure a year-end tax deduction for 2014, please donate the amount you wish before December 31, 2014, or call 305-707-7046 or 954-464-9331 for live help.
Mr. Salvatore Cuccia, one of our Advisory Board Members, a CPA and business analyst, has offered to be on-call to answer questions you may have regarding tax-deductible contributions, so please do not hesitate to inquire.

I want to thank you, in advance, for your kind support — it is very much needed and very much appreciated.


Alex Pacheco

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

305-707-7046 or 954-464-9331


Mailing Address:
Box 1065, Pompano Beach
Florida 33061, USA

A Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Charity
Federal Tax ID # 330601340


The discussion herein is general in nature and may not apply to all individuals. Prospective donors are urged to consult their personal tax and financial advisors concerning the specific consequences of making gifts to 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU. We would be pleased to discuss, in confidence, ways in which you may support 600 MILLION STRAY DOGS NEED YOU. These measures may also have an impact on your estate planning.

For further information, please contact Alex Pacheco at 954.464.9331 or e-mail