The Human Tragedy

The World Health Organization reports that stray dogs alone are the source of over 90% of human deaths from rabies worldwide, and of the 55,000 children who die from rabies each year, over 90% are fatally infected by stray dogs.

The good news is that with your help, we can prevent these tragic deaths.

Rabies is such a serious problem, that even our soldiers are not safe.

Take for example the tragic case of Kevin Shumaker, an American solider who loved dogs and was stationed in Afghanistan.


Keeping dogs as pets has been common on U.S. bases in Afghanistan because they improve morale and sometimes improve security.

Kevin, a young Army Specialist, tried to break up a fight between one of the ‘base’ dogs and a local stray dog.  In the process Kevin was bitten, though he took little notice of it at the time.

Within a few months, at the age of 24, Kevin tragically died of rabies.

At first there were no symptoms, but within weeks of his return to the U.S. his symptoms first appeared and then escalated rapidly. He first started vomiting, and the next day he collapsed.

From his death bed he was able to speak with his mother by phone. “I’m scared,” he said. She could hear he was having trouble breathing. A nurse told her to come, quickly. But by the time she arrived, her son was in a coma, and she would never hear his voice again.

Rabies is so dangerous that doctors required her to wear gloves and goggles as she tried to comfort her son in his final moments. He eventually suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and passed away. 

Please help us stop this from ever happening again.


When you join us in solving this problem, you’ll also become a member of 600.

You’ll be part of a team that is dedicated to ending overpopulation crisis by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies. Once completed, these cookies will save both animal and human lives, by dramatically reducing the number of strays and the number fatal human rabies cases.

Once completed, these cookies will be capable of ending the stray overpopulation, because after eating just one cookie, a stray will be safely sterilized.

Dramatically reducing the population of stray dogs will dramatically reduce the number of human deaths from rabies.

Your contribution is needed to continue the crucial clinical trials to meet the urgent need for Spay and Neuter Cookies.


rabiesWho We Are and What We Do

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You is a revolutionary project to end the overpopulation
of homeless pets, by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies.

The cookies are being designed so that once completed, they will be capable of spaying and neutering without surgery.

This will allow all of us to permanently end the global overpopulation of dogs
and cats in our lifetime!

Thanks to your help thus far, we are on track to end the overpopulation crisis:
the NUMBER ONE cause of suffering for dogs and cats worldwide.

I urge you to be as generous as you can towards this historic work.
Together we will save the strays and make America a
 no kill country.




Alex Pacheco
600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, Founder
Animal Rights Hall of Fame, Inductee
Adopt A Pet, Co-Founder
PETA, Co-Founder (No longer affiliated)
Sea Shepherd, Crew Member of the Year
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